Blogs are a reflection of society’s different faces and images, both good and bad. These blogs are meant to educate and inspire fellow bloggers and other readers to effectively deal with a variety of situations armed with fresh facts and recycled knowledge.  Hope this naive yet sincere attempt to serve the society proves successful!   Please do cooperate and lets work together as a team to bring about social change with positive results.  Thanks!


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    • Thanks for the visit and the appreciation too! As the years go by, we realize how futile it is to put up false airs and how worthwhile it is to be just what we are! In the time that is at our disposal, it would be better to do as much as we can to lessen the misery of people around us in any possible way that we can and my way is through these blogs. I would be much happier if I could make even a little difference in the life of our fellow musafirs! Of course, I would gladly welcome your interest and cooperation in achieving this objective by making it a joint venture. Take care and be happy wherever you are, doing whatever you feel is right and thanks again!

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    • Thanks a lot, Diana, I’m honoured! You are very kind and too generous in even finding me worth this nomination although I’m yet to figure out how it works – perhaps merry-go-round style – thanks again!

      I do enjoy your blogs and felt happy to note that you feel in tune with my ideals, wonder if I deserve to be so elevated; mine’s just a drop-in-the-ocean kind of service for the society in which we live, nothing more, nothing less – thanks again!


    • Practical life is full of controversies – proper and timely diagnosis/dissection gives out the remedy/cure, and someone’s got to do the ‘job’ for the common welfare – thanks for stopping by..!


  1. You know me deaf.
    And so very very lucky that I can read and write a little bit but definitely not to all of you’s level.
    Out in the world I am not exposed to the English language while in this here blogs world I am so exposed to all kinds of people with their ideas, opinions, rants whatever and I am in heaven because I know what’s been said?
    I hope I explained myself clear? I get so frustrated with myself when it comes to writing because i am not good at being clear.

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  2. Thanks for the follow! If I had to do it all over again, I would have been a judge in children’s court. I went back to school too late, and law school was not within my reach. I do believe a socially enlightened society benefits us all.

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    • Indeed, and thanks for the follow! It’s a pity how the well-meaning and deserving humans are forced to pursue careers/vocations other than what is close to their heart – perhaps it’s all due to one’s fate/destiny at play!

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    • Thanks for the visit and the wholesome comments – very flattering yet sincere and heart-felt! To be honest, besides contributing my own posts, often I reblog Orlando Espinosa’s colorful and inspirational posts adding relevant quotes easily found on the Net. Therefore, all credit ought to go to Espinosa, the Digital Artist, for all his original creations. However, thanks again for your kind review – Happy blogging! 🙂


  5. Hi! This is kind of random but your blog made me very happy. When I first joined wordpress.com back in 2013, it was this very theme that I used on the same blog that I write on to this day. I have not seen another blog using it in many years. In fact, not even once since I stopped using it probably in, I don’t even know, maybe 2014. This was a nice trip down memory lane. Thank you. By the way, my name is Rocky! I blog over on The Rocky Safari http://www.therockysafari.com. I’m happy to be following your blog now. (I originally posted this on a post I read but I think you About Page is a more appropriate spot for it haha)


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