BREAST IS BEST – Breastfeeding ‘slashes a woman’s risk of killer heart disease and stroke by 10 per cent’

Breastfeeding slashes a woman’s risk of heart disease and stroke by 10 per cent, a study reveals.  Previous research has shown giving tots the boob cuts a mum’s chance of breast cancer, as well as aiding weight loss.  Now an Oxford University has found it is also good for a mother’s ticker.  It also shows the longer a woman breastfeeds her child, the greater the protection against future heart problems.

Experts believe pregnancy and breastfeeding “resets” a woman’s metabolism.  And feeding a child naturally may also help mums burn off more body fat.  They said the findings should encourage more mums to avoid bottle feeding not just for their baby’s health, but for their own.  Researchers followed 290,000 Chinese women for eight years.  Those who breastfed had a nine per cent lower risk of heart disease and an eight per cent lower risk of stroke, compared to those who hadn’t.

Researcher Dr. Sanne Peters, from the University of Oxford, said: “The health benefits to the mother from breastfeeding may be explained by a faster “reset” of the mother’s metabolism after pregnancy.  “Pregnancy changes a woman’s metabolism dramatically as she stores fat to provide the energy necessary for her baby’s growth and for breastfeeding once the baby is born.  “Breastfeeding could eliminate the stored fat faster and more completely.”    (*Source: The Sun, 23rd June 2017)

The study is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.  Experts said mums that opt to breastfeed may also be more health conscious and lead better lifestyles.   Researcher Dr. Zhengming Chen said: “The findings should encourage more widespread breastfeeding for the benefit of the mother as well as the child.  “The study provides support for the World Health Organization’s recommendation that mothers should breastfeed their babies exclusively for their first six months of life.”



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