If you walk slowly, it could be a warning sign you’re going to die soon

If you find that people always overtake you on pavements, maybe you should worry.  The speed of your walk offers significant clues about your health – and a slow pace could be an early warning of heart failure, dementia or cardiac disease.

Researchers at MIT say that measuring people’s walking pace could be as important a measurement as pulse rate or blood pressure.  Previous research has shown that fast walkers can live up to 10 times longer.

The MIT researcher say that electronic ‘gait monitors’ could help save lives among the elderly – with a prototype device measuring walking speed and offering reminders to walk more.     (*Source: METRO Tuesday 2 May 2017)

Professor Dina Katabi, an author on the study, said: ‘Many avoidable hospitalisations are related to issues like falls, congestive heart disease, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which have all been shown to be correlated to gait speed.’



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