Itchy vagina – is this condition ‘normal’? Doctor explains THIS intimate health issue

VAGINAL dryness is a common but treatable problem that many women experience at some point in their live.  However, experts have warned women are suffering vaginal issues in silence.  A study by Vagisil has found nearly three in five women – 58 per cent – have experienced vaginal changes, such as dryness, intimate itch and painful sex.

However are talking about these issues or sharing their experiences with others.  As a result, a significant 78 per cent feel unprepared for the symptoms of vaginal dryness, with almost a quarter – 23 per cent – saying they’ve got no-one to talk to about changes to their health.  Dr. Vanessa said: “It’s clear that intimate health is something women aren’t comfortable talking about, although the majority are crying out for information.

“This can mean that some women have no idea what’s normal and this may result in them ‘putting up’ with relatively easily treated problems, such as vaginal itch or dryness.  “It’s time to change the social stigma surrounding the vagina.”  Symptoms of a dry vagina include vaginal irritation, discomfort or itchiness, discomfort during sex and a reduced sex drive.

Most at risk are women in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, with 74 per cent looking for advice.  This information gap can result in many women feeling alone, embarrassed and isolated when vaginal changes happen to them.  Vaginal dryness can be caused by the menopause, breast feeding or childbirth, not being aroused before sex, some types of contraception and cancer treatment.  Vaginal dryness is also sometimes caused by an underlying condition such as diabetes or Sjögren’s syndrome, where the immune attacks the glands in the body that produce fluid.

Dr. Vanessa said: “By speaking out, women can become empowered to look after their intimate health and treat relatively mild conditions without embarrassment or delay.  “It’s so easy to take control of our own intimate health with products that are gynaecologist tested.  Many effective treatments, such as Vagisil, are available from the chemist.”   (*Source: EXPRESS – Home of the Daily and Sunday Express Mon, Apr 3, 2017)

This breakdown in communication could be why over a third of women think that vaginal dryness impacted their sex life, while nearly one in 20 confess vaginal dryness had even ended their relationship.



2 thoughts on “Itchy vagina – is this condition ‘normal’? Doctor explains THIS intimate health issue

    • Its found interesting from the gynae point of view and hence, certainly worth exploring further for providing relief to the suffering souls – blessed are the medical personnel for all their good work! Happy blogging Sheldon! 🙂


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