EOTW … Just pondering

What if the world were to end exactly in six months’ time?

Even if the above scenario were to come true for whatever reasons like natural, social, political, religious/spiritual etc., it is certainly not going to affect the general public in the present as they will be quite busy going about their routine business popularly summarized as the rat race.

The reasons for the world ending abruptly are believed to be many like the synchronized political upheavals (supposedly engineered by the NWO proponents), global financial meltdown, insane nuclear war-games, snowball effects of global warming, a catastrophic combination of tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and alleged religious prophecies like the Third Secret of Fatima, etc.

The ugly demons in human guise enjoying the power and wealth of the world will do their level best to keep the gullible folks in the dark for their own fiendish reasons, as usual.  And at the Eleventh Hour when all hell breaks loose the Global Elite will desert the sheeple and scurry to the sanctuary of their well-stocked, furnished and fortified underground bunkers to wait for the dust to settle down after the world ends … just pondering!


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