This is what happens to your body if you drink Coke every day

There are 1.8billion bottles of Coca-Cola sold around the world every day but downing soft drinks can affect your health in a number of ways.  Just one Can of Cola can contain 46g of sugar which is already more than the recommended daily amount of 30g.  Having too much of a sweet-tooth has long been linked to obesity and diabetes – but what would happen if you drank cans of pop every day?

ASAP Science created a YouTube video including data from various scientific studies to find out what would happen to your body if you were to replace water with Cola.  Firstly, you would end up massively increasing your calorie intake, gaining weight and ageing yourself at the same rate as a smoker.  That’s because if you substituted eight glasses of water a day for eight fizzy drinks instead, you would have guzzled an extra 5,432 calories.

In fact, one woman who consumed two litres of pop every day for 16 years was hospitalised by the age of 31 because she was suffering from fainting spells and arrhythmia.  Doctors also found that she had dangerously low levels of potassium.  But after she quit the fizz, she made a miraculous recovery and her health problems cleared up.    (*Source: DAILY STAR 5th March 2017)

Although if you think it’s better to just substitute full-fat fizzy drinks for their diet alternatives, think again.  Beverages with artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight because the sweet taste you get from it makes you feel hungry.  Also, many diet drinkers let themselves gorge on more food because they know they’ve chosen a low-calorie drink. Researchers think that reducing the amount of sugar in popular soda drinks could slash cases of obesity by one million.



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