Just pondering …

All living beings end their journey of life on earth when it is time to feed the worms.

It goes without saying that anything that has a beginning has an end, and therefore, all life ends sometime or the other depending upon the individual lifespan.  Humans, especially the educated ones in particular, even the worldly-wise folks act foolishly at times going after the earthly goods and comforts beyond what are reasonably required for living a decent life.

However, in pursuing such a life of wanton greed, grabbing and stealthily amassing the worldly riches, these vain individuals lose track of precious time which could otherwise be put to use for the betterment of all needy fellow humans.  Such miserable fools have never been able to enjoy life on earth as they have tirelessly toiled for possessing trinkets without ever realizing their impermanence on earth.

Alas, little do these wretched beings realize that all their efforts in the vain pursuit of filthy lucre will come to naught when all of a sudden life ebbs out of them leaving their mortal remains to be fed upon by the worms when buried down under … just pondering!


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