Boundless Love — Ramblings of the Claury

via Boundless Love — Ramblings of the Claury

“Let love of the brethren continue. ” – Hebrews 13:1


5 thoughts on “Boundless Love — Ramblings of the Claury

  1. Since I know that Dhrumps Storm Troopers will be coming for me and my brother Stephen soon I’m sharing part of a blog post I wrote today with it’s accompanying articles.

    My girlfriend and co-worker is from Iran. Because of that resident Nazi illegally in charge of our country she will not longer be able to travel to Iran to see her siblings nor will they be able to travel here to see her and her husband. A College educated woman like myself when she was living in Iran she was a school teacher has been happily married to an American Christian for about 17 years.

    My friend and I started together at the museum and we’ve always had each other’s backs. She has shown me nothing but kindness, understand and compassion. She has worked hard and was promoted to Supervisor during our nine years at the Museum. She is one of the best Security Supervisors at the Museum. She treats everyone fairly showing true leadership capabilities through service.

    I’ve had the opportunity to meet her mother one of her sisters and her nephew. The most wonderful people in the world. My girlfriend’s Mom only speaks Farsi but when we first met she hugged me so tight and Loved me even though she knew of me only from her daughter’s descriptions. Now my friend’s Mom and one of her sisters live with her. The mother is nearing if not already 70.

    Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they must feel knowing they can never again travel to the land of their birth nor can her Mom see her children or my girlfriend ever see her siblings except via Skype.

    All because they are Muslim.

    Once the Muslim Registration begins I shall add my name and if this fascist government wishes to label me with a set of numbers like Hitler did to the Jews in Nazi Germany I shall take the mark. If my Persian girlfriend and her family must suffer I will suffer along with them. Then again as a Black Woman in America suffering and struggle is an every day affair for me anyway. I’ve been considered the “Wrong race and gender” since the day I was born.

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  2. If we know, then we must fight for your life as though it were our own—which it is—and render impassable with our bodies the corridor to the gas chamber. For, if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.

    Therefore: peace.

    Brother James
    November 19, 1970

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