Woman urges people to ‘murder all male babies’

A deranged YouTuber has taken to the internet with an extreme new message… ‘kill all male babies’.  Yes, Jenny McDermott made the shocking comments in a video posted on her channel. And the video drew widespread criticism – from people all over the globe.

As well as babies, the 33-year-old – who titled her video ‘Kill All Men’ – told her followers to ‘kill any man you see on the street’.  Despite being a self-confessed online troll, we can’t help but think this video probably went a little too far.  In the clip, she said: ‘I’m sick of being a baby factory that produces more men, that in the future will subjugate me.  ‘So the only answer to that is to kill male babies and just kill any man you see in the street.

‘We want the species to go on but only with women in it.  So that’s what we have to do.’  Jenny has a history of making controversial videos and has had her YouTube channels removed in the past.  In other videos Jenny appears with completely different hair and clothing style and admits to being a windup.  She said: ‘I like to do it because I want you to question why you think what you think and why you assert your beliefs all the time.’    (*Source: METRO Tuesday 24 Jan 2017)

Commenting on the video one user called Mike Nike said: ‘Advocating murder is a criminal offence.  Why is she not in jail?’  Many commentators also pointed out the difficulty of the human race continuing if there were no men available.  Jenny followed up with another video this month adding that she’s not being serious and doesn’t advocate men being killed.  Good.



7 thoughts on “Woman urges people to ‘murder all male babies’

  1. On the bus the other day Jenny was giving me the evil eye & I couldn’t figure out why ~ until I read your article. Thanks! It’s just a matter of knowing when to duck. All men are safe IF they know when to duck. However, the evil eye isn’t very pleasant to be around…

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