There is an easy way to stop your farts from smelling so bad

Admit it, there have been times in your life when you’ve been genuinely taken aback by one of your farts.  With all that rich food doing the rounds and all those sprouts, this time of year is particularly ripe for some pungent expulsions.  You’re not gross.  You’re a human being.

However, if you knew there was a way to prevent your gaseous exchanges from being so smelly, would you seize it?  There is a way, apparently, and it concerns overhauling your diet.  To get to the bottom of what makes farts smell, scientists have been experimenting by – deep breath – mixing faeces with different nutritional components to discover what contributes to the bad smell.

What they found, according to the Metro , was your wind may smell suboptimal because of cysteine, a component found in meat, dairy and other types of protein.  Which, worryingly, are exactly the sort of products our diets consist of at this time of year.  Cysteine causes a seven-fold increase in the amount of hydrogen sulphide gas in your stomach.  It’s this gas which makes your farts so anti-social.

If you want to combat this, there is a way.

While the suggested dietary adjustments won’t transform any wind being passed into a fragrant, rose-scented breeze, it may help.  Together with her team, Chu Yao at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found starchy foods act as a resistant to hydrogen sulphide gas – by up to 75 per cent.

Here’s what you need to eat: Potatoes, Bananas, Legumes, Cereals, Artichokes, Asparagus and Fructans (which are found in wheat).  Chu added, “This explains why bodybuilders who consume lots of protein powder are known to have smelly farts.”   The findings were presented at a Gastroenterological Society of Australia conference in Adelaide.



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